A view of Mochudi, a suburb of Gaborone

A view of Mochudi, a suburb of Gaborone
A suburb of Gaborone in July, 2008

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Episode Four: poinsettias the size of trees

Almost time to go.  I meant to post this image before Christmas but couldn't quite get it up.

Anyway, when I was in Botswana in July, I saw poinsettias - the size of TREES!   Imagine how sad beautiful U.S. holiday altars must look to visitors from Botswana.

Mysteriously I did not take a photograph of any of the actual trees, but I did take this picture.  It shows the inside of the SOS Children's Village and the "family tree" made by the kids who go to pre-school and/or live there.  It is a poinsettia tree!

I hope to write to you next from Botswana.

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